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Adoption is a wonderful option for parents of all types — from new parents who want to adopt a baby to stepparents who want to adopt their spouse’s child. If you are embarking on the adoption journey, it is wise to have an attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure each part of the process is attended to accurately.

At the law office of Brad J. Latta, Attorney at Law LLC, we offer potential parents sound and effective guidance throughout the adoption process. Brad J. Latta, our Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama adoption lawyer, can answer your questions and navigate you through the steps of adopting a child.

We Guide Potential Adoptive Parents Through the Adoption Process

Our law firm strives to eliminate your stress and worry, taking care of all legal matters and handling any complications that may arise. Please talk to us if you are considering any of the following:

  • Stepparent adoption: When a stepparent adopts a child, the adoption makes legal and permanent an already existing parent-child relationship. The biological parent (the non-spouse of the adoptive parent) must terminate his or her parental rights prior to the stepparent being allowed to adopt the child.
  • Grandparent adoption: In some families, a grandparent or grandparents may need to step in to provide care for the child. This can occur if a parent has been deemed unfit or has passed away.
  • Agency adoption: Are you interested in adopting a baby or child through an agency? We can ensure that all requirements are met, including the birth parents terminating parental rights.

Families come together and form in many different and unique ways. Work with a law firm that is eager to help you welcome a child into your life in a legal and permanent manner.

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