Child Custody and Visitation

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In any divorce involving children, child support and visitation become two of the most adversarial and disputed aspects of the proceedings. An experienced Birmingham County child custody lawyer can guide individuals through these conflicts quickly and efficiently.

At the law office of Brad J. Latta, Attorney at Law, we strive to educate our clients so they can make informed decisions. Our goal is to inform our clients about the law, the legal process, and the challenges they might face as we move forward. We have the experience to answer questions and navigate our clients through these potentially complicated disputes.

In divorce or paternity cases, there are two types of custody:

  • Physical custody: This is where the children actually live. Most often, one parent will be the primary custodian, having the majority of parenting time. The noncustodial parent will follow a visitation schedule, which addresses specifics such as weekends, holidays, overnights, etc. The biggest issue in mediation is getting parents to come up with a schedule they can both agree on — and is in the best interest of the child.
  • Legal custody: Legal custody refers to which parent will have primary decision-making responsibilities for life-changing choices regarding such things as education, religion and medical care. Typically, parents will come to a joint legal custody agreement in which both parents must discuss these decisions before they are made.

Visitation and Paternity

In situations where the parents are unmarried, we have experience representing fathers who want visitation rights. Many times, these situations hinge on paternity tests. Family court in Mobile and Baldwin Counties handle paternity cases, and we have a great deal of experience navigating clients through this process.