Special Needs Adoption

Adopting Children with Special Needs

There are currently tens of thousands of children with special needs in our country who are waiting to be adopted. Historically, these children have been seen as hard to place for adoption compared to children without special needs. But in reality, there are families out there who are willing and able to help these children. While extremely rewarding, adopting children with special needs takes commitment and perseverance. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering adopting a child with special needs.

Who is eligible to adopt a child with special needs?

The legal requirements for special needs adoption are no different from a traditional adoption. The decision needs to be made by the family after considering the capacity to parent a child with special needs, as it can be a challenge. A wise step would be to discuss your concerns with other experienced adoptive parents to make sure you are making a decision that is right for your family. Basically, factors that will be considered include the age and health of the parents, and will obviously include background checks to be sure the potential family poses no threat to the safety or well-being of the child.

Understanding what the child may have experienced in foster care

A common concern for potential adoptive parents is what life was like for the child while he or she was in the foster care system. It not uncommon for children with special needs to have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect and subsequently placed in foster care. There are resources available for families considering adoption that can shed some light on the common experiences of foster care children, as well as potential issues that adoptive families may face.

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