Visitation and Child Support Misconceptions

Visitation and child support are two aspects of divorce and family law cases that many people misunderstand. Perhaps the most common misconception is that visitation and child support can be used against each other; it makes logical sense to many people, but is not actually how the law works in Alabama.

One of the most common situations where this arises is when the mother is the custodial parent and refuses to allow the non-custodial father his visitation because he is behind or missed child support payments. Conversely, many n0n-custodial fathers feel like if they can’t see their children, they shouldn’t have to pay child support, so they will stop paying if their visitation is interrupted. Clients often get upset that their court-ordered child support or visitation obligations continue regardless of the other party’s actions. The only way to modify a court’s order regarding child support or visitation, or to hold a party in contempt of court for not following the order, is to file a modification or contempt petition with the court.

If your ex-spouse or children’s mother or father is not complying with a divorce or custody order, contact a divorce or family law attorney and resolve the situation the only legal way possible: through the court’s enforcement.

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  1. Tulsa Family Attorney Reply

    People believing that they can withhold child support from a parent who gets behind on their support even though there are many people out there who have been punished for this. It’s always better to contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney when a spouse gets behind on their payments.

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