Why Soon-To-Be Exes Should Stay Out of Court

This is a great article by M. Marcy Jones regarding avoiding the court process in divorce and custody cases.


Here are my top five reasons why soon-to-be exes should stay out of court:

  1. Litigation is the most expensive and least effective way of getting divorced.
  2. It destroys family relationships. It’s hard to co-parent after you annihilate your spouse in court.
  3. It’s incredibly stressful for the whole family, especially your children.
  4. It takes forever! Dockets dictate the pace of your case.
  5. No one wins when you go to court. It’s definitely a lose-lose situation.

Ms. Jones correctly highlights some of the newer alternative dispute resolutions that are becoming more popular in family law cases, from traditional mediation to collaborative law. It will be interesting to see if the trends continue to shift away from in-court battles to more unconventional (but more effective) methods of resolution.


M. Marcy Jones: Why Soon-To-Be Exes Should Stay Out of Court.

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